In an age when no-one believes anything, what strategy should you adopt to rebuild a healthy relationship with your consumers?

Indicators of consumer trust in brands have been in chronic decline for years. Mainly down to two factors: information overload, full of contradictory commandments (buy healthy, buy natural, buy ethical... but at the same time treat yourself, optimize your time, etc.), and the weakening of brand status (with journalists unearthing new scandals every week).

All this is a source of frustration for consumers: how are they to steer a way through this sea of information? By its very existence, it makes them feel both responsible and guilty ; convinced that brands are corrupt, they no longer trust anyone.

In reaction, they are becoming increasingly demanding: they expect brands to be completely open - about their products, as well as about their CSR policy.

How can consumer trust be regained and retained in this tense new paradigm? How can consumer relationships be redefined? Should you play the transparency card? Low marketing? Citizen engagement?

At June Marketing, we are convinced that restoring a relationship of trust with the consumer is one of today's major challenges, and we support you in defining your strategy.

Trust-Check®: our diagnostic tool to gauge your brand's trust capital

• An analytical matrix developed by our experts

• A systemic approach, comparing declarative with non-declarative responses

• Strategic AND operational recommendations

Brands have entered
the post-truth era