A brand-expert strategic planning, ANCHORed IN THE CULTURE OF INSIGHTs and in tune with society

The creation of a strategic planning unit at June Marketing initiates a new way of working that will allow us to further strengthen the strategic support of our clients.

Because we have been a setter of consumer insights for over thirty years, it was natural to go a step further and reform from the inside to provide an even more engaged and inspiring approach to work through integration of strategic planning within our teams.

Beyond analyzing and rendering consumer data as we so well know how to do, strategic planning will allow us to interpret it through the prism of understanding the spirit of the times, our constant watch and our worldview for developing intuitive and unique hypothesis that will guide your decision making in the elaboration of your branding strategy.

Decrypt and interpret the codes of our society, identifying your problematic and nourish it, determining a guideline to follow with strength and conviction – our strategic planning mission at June marketing will always be to integrate the reality of markets to compose and orchestrate your strategy.

  • Strategic Benchmarks & Market analysis / Targets / Trends, observatories
  • Brand audit, prospective scenarios
  • Elaboration & writing of brand platform / concepts, communication platform
  • Reco Boost
Transpose consumer insight to compose and orchestrate your strategy.