proprietary tools that remain flexible and adaptable

With our experience on different problems, and because methodological innovation is at the heart of our DNA, June has developed proprietary tools that address many challenges (exploratory / activation / innovation…)

Our range is made up of tools calling on our various expertise (qual / quant / digital / innovation), most often hybrid. They are flexible and adaptable to your market, to your constraints and to your specific goals. Above all, we think of them as methodological approaches proposing a framework, which we customize according to your needs.

These tools have the merit of having proven their efficacy and offer a robust methodological standard. They never take over the ad-hoc philosophy that drives us.

  • Meet your consumer: Get to know your target
  • Bottom Up: Develop a mix based on the « bared » product
  • Brand Goodwill: Prospective vision of brand image
  • Interactive Workshop: The ultimate interactive tool!
  • Concept Diagnosis: concept screening, qual & quant
  • Smartag: agile and cost-effective module, to plug-into your quant questionnaires
  • Smart Callback: agile quant tool to check-in on your launches
  • Check-up: Failure diagnosis tool
A robust methodological standard, which never takes over on the ad-hoc philosophy that drives us.