June Marketing

June Marketing is a full-service marketing group gathering several agencies, each of whom being an expert in their field. As a group, our mission is to accompany our clients' operational divisions to build up their strategy and refine their marketing plans.

Insightful agency for brands growth
June Marketing

The agencies of the Group

The Qual Vision

MSM is an agency dedicated to Qualitative Research, proposing an extensive and constantly evolving range of methodological approaches. We like designing innovative research plans that combine online & offline, observation, semiotics, ... always striving to get the most out of every research.

The Quant Way

Cubes specialises in "made-to-measure" Quantitative Research, with specific value-adding solutions, be it for online or offine quant. We can handle your research questions from A to Z up to the strategic & actionable recommendations. With Cubes you benefit from all the advantages of a small-scale agency - flexibility, agility, responsiveness - combined to the high level of expertise of senior researchers!

Innovation & creativitiy

New Moon is a consultancy specializing in brand strategy, prospecting and innovation. We combine creativity techniques, innovation processes and trend activation to guide you down the path to innovation and help you imagine the future of your products, markets or brands.

Unlock Asia's opportunities

June Marketing Asia is the group’s office based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with a vocation to roll out our know-how in Asia. We want to be a gateway between East and West, enabling you to embark on your development in Asia with as much preparation as possible.


Our distinctive assets

Strategic thinking & operational mindset

The two go together... We cultivate a committed and pragmatic mindset to serve our intention of being a driving force of your strategic plan.

Synergy between agencies and proficiencies

All gathered in the same office, the subsidiaries work hand in hand to grow their expertise and strengthen the relevance of their proposals: sharing knowledge & experience, developing cross-competence methodologies... increasing the level of proficiency of the group by the combination of individual skills.

Ever heard of the JIC? (June Intelligence Committee)

When we need to brainstorm on the most challenging research briefs, we pick a handful of senior researchers from every subsidiary and make them imagine together the sharpest and smartest research plan for you, with Efficiency, Creativity, Ingenuity as the key rules of the game.

The ability to intervene on every continent

We are renowned for our ability to conduct your international coordination projects anywhere in the world, reporting back with results that are both of general application and rich in local specificities.

Asian expertise

Asia is a world in itself. Thanks to our subsidiary June Marketing Asia, or our Asia experts based in France, we can decode Asian trends and logics, bridge the gap to our Western cultures, and guide you in your Asia projects.


When it comes to your projects, we apply the same entrepreneurial spirit as we do to our own affairs. Agility, responsiveness, lean management, openness to change, overall vision and a sense for detail… We are brimming with energy, for your benefit as well as our own!

June Marketing, reckoned to be

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Our history


Creation of MSM, as a qualitative research institute, by Marianne de Souza


Management buy-out, led by Laure Benaroya and Inès Bizot. Creation of June Marketing


Creation of New Moon, in partnership with Isabelle Canivet


Opening of June Marketing Asia’s offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai


Acquisition of Cubes, headed by Franck Mazzacane as Managing Director

Why the name June?

For the sunny mood
For the sunny mood

It’s the first month of summer, when the days are at their longest

For the energy
For the energy

June shares roots with “junior”

Because we are so creative
Because we are so creative

The company was set up in June…

Wish to shake your study habits ?
The think tank dedicated to the design of new approaches is here ...

Who are we?

Laure Benaroya
Laure Benaroya
Laure Benaroya Joint CEO Groupe June Marketing
Inès Bizot
Inès Bizot
Inès Bizot Joint CEO Groupe June Marketing
Moeata Jammayrac
Moeata Jammayrac
Moeata Jammayrac DGA Groupe June Marketing
Bruno Colin
Bruno Colin
Bruno Colin Chief Data Officer Groupe June Marketing
Nathalie Cabart
Nathalie Cabart
Nathalie Cabart Managing Director MSM
Nathalie Vidor
Nathalie Vidor
Nathalie Vidor Managing Director MSM
Isabelle Canivet
Isabelle Canivet
Isabelle Canivet Managing Director New Moon
Franck Mazzacane
Franck Mazzacane
Franck Mazzacane Managing Director Cubes


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